Gift Baskets

All About You Gift Baskets specializes in designing personalized, thoughtful and attractive gift baskets for any occasion. The perfect gift for your family, friends, co-workers and important individuals in your life. Below you will find a variety of baskets we have recently designed.

Each of the theme baskets on this page were specifically made to order. While we are not able to not guarantee that any basket can be exactly replicated, we will work with you to design a beautiful basket that create lasting memories! Have any idea about a basket you would like to have us design? Contact us and we’ll get started right away!

“The Godfather” – included cannolis from Leave the Guns Cannoli Company, “Sleeping with the fishes” aquarium, a severed horse head on a pillow. The food items included Italian pasta, sauces, spices, oils, vinegars, cookies etc. A printed small bound book that chronicles “Things you never noticed when you watch the movie The Godfather” Quotes from the movie were printed on labels and adhered to the food items.

“The Frozen Four Basket” – included photo images of The Syracuse University Hockey team wrapped food items with a computer generated hockey rink and battery operated puck with goals.

“The Deep Sea Basket” – created in a treasure chest trunk with a small treasure chest within (gold coins and all). Sea themed food items included sea shell chocolates, sea salt crackers, gold fish, island coffees etc. A poem about deep sea diving and images of the sea and shore were also included.

“The Thanksgiving Day Wedding Basket” – included many elegant food items, pumpkin candles, a framed poem, monogrammed stationary and napkins and bride and groom attire for red and white bottles of wine, small serving bowls, and artisan garlic bowl muddle and bowl.

“Missing the Capital Region” – a personalized basket for a bachelor away from his hometown of Latham for Christmas, included wrapped images from all his favorite things (reality t.v., Inglorious Bastards, Rosie O’Donnell, X Men, Mythbusters). Also a box of Freihofer’s cookies and Testo’s of Troy spaghetti sauce to bring back the comforts of home…the basket itself made from recycled newspaper.

“The Holiday Basket” – a range of holiday treats and gifts in a festive arrangement.

“Easter Basket for Kids” – of course this basket has lots of sweet treats but toys and books too!

“Easter Basket for Parents” – this basket has some sweet treats along with pretty napkins, plates and festive goodies.

“New York Yankee Lover’s Basket” – this basket I s filled with treats you would find at Yankee Stadium including Cracker Jacks, Peanuts, ice cream sundae toppings, curly fries, etc. Any Bronx Bommer’s Fan would love this basket while enjoying a game at home.

“Chocolate Lover’s Basket” – filled with milk, dark and white treats and biscotti along with chocolate flavored coffee and pretzel dipping sauce.

“The Italian Basket” – this basket is filled with sauce, pasta, olive oil, a variety of vinegars,
spices, condiments and sweets all Italian flavored or inspired.

“The Barbeque Basket” – everything you need for a great grilled meal except the meat and the fire. Many different spices and rubs along with sauces and cooking utensils. A cook book along with everything you need for smores makes this basket a summer’s dream.

“Cupcake Basket” – A baker’s delight with all sorts of decorative toppings, a cookbook, gift boxes and cupcake trinkets.









“Saratoga Springs Basket” – A themed basket designed around the cobalt blue Saratoga Spring Water Bottle with treats from Saratoga Salsa, Saratoga Sweets, Saratoga Chips and handmade notecards of Yaddo Gardens.

“Saratoga Racecourse Basket”-An elegant track lover’s festival in a basket. Filled with treats and treasures found in Saratoga, complete with trivia book about the history of the racecourse.

“Saratoga Racecourse Basket for a Child”-This basket is truly inspired by the horses that run at Saratoga and filled with tasty treats and horse toys and puzzles.






“Garden Train Basket” -A one of a kind basket created for a garden train enthusiast filled with all the makings for a barbeque. The basket container was transformed into a box car that actually had wheels and rolled tracks.





“Fall Harvest Basket”-This basket warms up the season with all of fall’s favorite decorations and treats, and of course, candy corn!






“Spa Basket” -A spa treatment in a basket filled with lotions and scented soaps and sprays with delicate sponges and brushes. Includes soothing tea and decorative tea cup.






“Sunflower Birdcage” -Created for a special event, a rustic birdcage was transformed into a bright basket of light inspired by the beauty of sunflowers. Truly a show stopper at the event!