About All About You Gift Baskets

All About You Gift Baskets is the only purveyor of exclusively thematic gift baskets.  Each basket is conceptualized with the customer to assure it fits the interest of the recipient and then carefully crafted with an assortment of products, theme-related mementos and all the creativity you want in a gift basket.

All About You gift baskets come in a variety of shapes and size.  Of course, price is dependent on the nature of the order, but you’ll find All About You to be a fun and affordable alternative to store-bought gift baskets.

This is how it works: Tell us your budget, and your theme, and we will design the basket that fits both criteria and will satisfy your gift-giving needs.  That’s all there is to it.

Delivery within the immediate Capital Region is free, depending upon the type of basket and the timeframes needed for creating and delivering your gift basket.  Shipping is also available.

About Erin Driggs

“I always love creating unique gift baskets for my family and friends. With their encouragement, I am now putting my passion for creating theme baskets into a business. Growing up and living in the Capital Region has enabled me to see the wealth of interests that people have here, each one suitable for a gift basket that is special and personal. I am excited to introduce my company to my family and friends in our community and show you some really unique gift baskets that are not available anywhere else.”

- Erin Driggs

“All About You Gift Baskets is one of those great small businesses–borne of an idea, matured through hard work and determination, and successful through top-shelf customer service.  The Park Strategies Small Business Report on Albany’s Talk 1300AM and talk1300.com is proud to have had Erin Driggs on the program, advertise All About You each week, and follow its progress as it grows as a company” – Greg Serio, Host